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This is a capx project file for use with Scirra Construct 2, an HTML5 game creation program. It allows your Construct 2 game to read and write to a SHARECART1000 o_o.ini file.

You can read more about the SHARECART1000 system here.

I put this together for my entry to the Teacart 1k, but I thought it may be useful to others! It took me a good chunk of time pre-jam to get it (sorta) working, but I continued to work on it post-jam as well. At this point, I think it's pretty solid and reliable, although I'm not a master of SHARECART/Construct/anything so I don't claim it to be perfect.

This capx contains:

  • A Dictionary object, which stores all the o_o.ini values and allows them to be compared and modified in-game
  • The NWjs plugin, which is required for performing file operations on o_o.ini
  • A Text object that displays the status of o_o.ini file operations for debugging
  • Four functions on a single event sheet, explained below
    • getSavePath(): Finds the working directory and sets the "savePath" variable to [working directory]\..\dat
    • initializeDictionary(): Populates the Dictionary object with default o_o.ini values
    • readSHARECART(): Reads the values from the o_o.ini file at "savePath" (if it exists) and sets the in-game Dictionary's values accordingly. If o_o.ini doesn't exist, it creates a new one at "savePath". Invalid entries will halt this process and throw an error
    • writeSHARECART(): Writes the values from the in-game Dictionary into the o_o.ini file at "savePath". If o_o.ini doesn't exist, it creates a new one at "savePath". Out of range values will be written as default values

Feel free to use it for your own projects!


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