Race a friend to the top of the tower! Don't get left behind!


Player 1:

  • A/D to move left/right
  • W to jump
Player 2:

  • Left/Right Arrow Keys to move left/right
  • Up Arrow Key to jump

Other things:

  • Press Spacebar to change how many platforms high the tower should be
  • Press Enter to start the game
  • Refresh the browser if someone wins and you want to torture yourself by playing again
  • Brown platforms are solid, blue platforms can be jumped through, and green platforms can also be jumped through, but are moved toward your opponent's side if you

What is this mess?

Totally Legit Tower Climb was hacked together over the course of about 5 hours during the month-long Iowa City Game Jam. While I obviously should have had plenty of time to make something cool, the combination of holiday gatherings and the fact that I had a Virtually Competent project due nearly at the same time, I had to prioritize.

Something I've learned during this jam, though: I'm exponentially more likely to get something awesome made in a shorter jam. :)

Regardless, please enjoy this broken mess of a game, it was made with Construct 2 and sort of works (if you're player 1). If you'd like to see what makes it tick, feel free to download the included capx (and maybe tweet me if you manage to make it less of a broken mess)!


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