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What's more cool is that it sometimes create human sounds, I actually like it more than sfxr!

I made my first SFXs with Bfxr and many of them made it into my game.

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This is probably a silly question, but... Is there a quick way to clear the sound list in the bottom left corner?
I've been creating sounds for months, and at this point I have a lot of items I'd like to get rid of.

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idk maybe he had problems with exporting a linux build


why does it export to a weird file that not working ?


when you type the name, make sure you write .wav in the end. This ensures that it is exported as a .wav file


Linux? You've got mac and windows, maybe a mono Linux port? If that's what you programmed it with.

can you use bfxr ofline???


thx for the fast respond:)


Thanks for having this up! Consider updating the version to 1.5.1 (on the main website available) - I think i updated it last year or something :)


done! thanks for the heads up :)


Now that BFXR cant run because flash it out of date this is very helpful application

Use client or download the executable.

you should create an update for the new Mac OS?

i dont think thats gonna happen

Is there an update for the new Mac OS?


why is not for linux

ye it would be useful  if it had linux support


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is because the software was made in Adobe AIR (A Virtual Machine For Flash) and it doesn't have a linux support, and it will never gonna happen because adobe sell Air to another company on the same date Flash dropped support (31/12/2020)

If you want to use the software on linux you have to download the original flash file and emulate on a adobe flash player for the system

Adobe Flash Player Executable (The Only Website Adobe Still Doesnt Taken Down):

Bfxr (Flash):

You can use wine/PlayOnLinux to use it.

this is very cool!



great sfx for pixel games! thanks!

It can't "reverse synths", it can revert to older settings after a change :)