UPDATE 8/28/16 - Misc bugfixes (specifically for an issue where the player would become invincible sometimes) and UI/sound updates. Also added local high score saving. Final boss may or may not be more broken than it was in the jam build, though.


  • Left/Right arrow keys to move
  • Z key to shoot
  • X key makes you rotate faster while moving

Still a little broken in places, but I did my best considering I only started about 3 days before the jam deadline! There's a boss fight if you get 800pts, but the third phase is basically nonfunctional. If you get three hits on the boss I'll consider it a win (even though nothing happens after that)!


Programming/Art/Sound Effects by Izzy Neuhaus (@iznaut)

Created with Scirra Construct 2


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So nice graphics and sound effects!


thanks for the game


Wow, this game is incredibly fun to play!