A downloadable game for Windows

It's a game about nothing!

Gex is back on the air and he's found his way into all your favorite 90s sitcoms! Let's just hope he doesn't say anything that'll get him cancelled...

How To Play

  • WASD or Arrows to move
  • Spacebar to jump (once unlocked)
  • Enter to tongue travel (once unlocked)


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
Authorisabelle adena kestrel
Made withUnreal Engine
TagsAtmospheric, Comedy, gex, Parody, seinfeld, Short, sitcoms, Voice Acting
Average sessionA few minutes


gexfeld_win.zip 591 MB


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It was fun to walk freely through the 90s sitcoms set!

We like the concept but got stuck when we couldn't get the can of soup by the computer in the corner.

you can jump up on the computer chair!

love it but think need fix

you can get on top of the counter with jump & tongue 😉

I find that tongue doesn't work consistently enough in my case. Also it seems to activate more often when I use numpad enter instead of the one below backspace for some reason.

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the tongue doesn’t work when gex is talking, but also there’s a bug where sometimes he’ll just refuse to open his mouth (to talk or tongue)

as a hacky workaround for this i made it so you can “force” the tongue to fire if you hit the enter key 5 times lol