Christmas, 2001. You just unwrapped a brand new Nintendo Gamecube, the latest and greatest in video game hardware. All your friends will be so jealous.

Unfortunately, your parents did their holiday shopping late and Kohl's didn't have much left in terms of software selection. So you unwrap your one and only game, Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure, and read the back cover:

It's a VIP ticket to theme park adventure!

Lights... Camera... PLAY! You've not just a visitor, you're the star in Kemco's Universal Studios™ Theme Park Adventure,  a magical 3-D journey beyond the theme park rides and into an amazing realm of games based upon the most successful movies produced in Hollywood.

You'll love this virtual gaming lark through the world's best movie theme park!

It'll be months before your parents buy you another game.

Let's hope this one is good.


  • A LOVING 2-D HOMAGE TO AN ALL-TIME CLASSIC 3-D GAME (for new and old fans alike!)
  • 6 ACTION PACKED ATTRACTIONS (and also Waterworld!)
  • 16 GOLDEN LETTER TILES TO COLLECT (you'll never guess what they spell!)
  • 32 PILES OF GARBAGE TO RECYCLE (save the planet!)

NOTICE: The game is not a true representation of Universal Studios™Theme Parks Adventure, but an interactive game based on Universal Studios™Theme Parks Adventure (which is also not a true representation of Universal Studios™Theme Parks, but an interactive game based on Universal Studios™Theme Parks), and some of the characters featured are not associated with the parks.

made in a weekend for Reviewjam 2023
created with Bitsy + Borksy
inspired by Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure
music rips by Zophar's Domain
woody & winnie voice rips by Gamer's Paradise

special thanks:

with apologies to Matt CasamassinaBrad Shoemaker

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
Authorisabelle adena kestrel
GenreSimulation, Adventure
Made withbitsy
TagsAtmospheric, Christmas, Exploration, Funny, Narrative, Short
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


USTPAA-v1-win.exe 124 MB
Download 122 MB


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fun game! i like the "minimalist" art... even though i got eyestrain trying to figure out which tiles i could go through in the ET zone


This works incredibly well as a review! I could play this forever... The way you condensed the experience of the original game is so much more effective than I imagine a video review would be



(1 edit) (+1)

I loved this. Collected all the garbage and all 16 letters! And at some point, the music drove me absolutely insane, it is straight up PERFECT!!! I loved the sarcastic approach to some of the dialogue, as well as the odd and almost eerie atmosphere that you created through the contrast of dialogue and music. One of the coolest bitsy games that I have ever played.


Splendid stuff - I liked the compressed verdicts on the minigames, there's something about being able to compare and contrast with the screenshots on the jam page itself. Oddly enough this leaves me eager to visit a themepark - they're such bizarre spaces